Days 4 & 5 That sure looks like a funny dog…

We’ve had a couple lovely, relaxing days, and are now in Benton City WA – the heart of Washington wine country.  At least, that’s what the brochure says.  I’ve come to believe that the US has two types of small towns.  One is quaint and pretty and right at home on a show like “Leave it to Beaver.”  The other is gritty and rough around the edges, and feels like it would be a better fit for “Sons of Anarchy.”  Benton falls squarely in the latter category, and JB tells me this place is sketchy.  He doesn’t even want to come out and speak for himself because, well, you never know who is reading the blog (JBshhhhhhhh.)

Now to be fair, the sketchiest experiences we’ve actually had here are the noisy rooster that got us up at 6AM, and the “dog” that TWICE scared the crap out of Jenn…



To be fair to JB and his nervousness, we went to the gas station last night and it was an eclectic mix of Harleys,  lowered mustangs, and trucks with light bars and gun racks.  Actually, it kind of feels like around our house in Delacour 🙂 .  Frankly the most difficult part of staying here is the lack of sidewalks combined with a very busy road.

We are settling into life in Stevie.  She has many modes that we go through each day.  There is sleeping mode, driving mode, supper mode, parking mode, and each of them requires us to navigate the dogs and each other to set up.  Pretty much any activity requires us to spend 20 – 40 minutes transforming.  Stevie is an 80’s cartoon character!


Overall it’s been a good two days from playing Crib by the fire to wandering a street market in Coeur d’Alene, and tomorrow we are off to sample wines 🙂 .

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