Day 3 – Wait…. what? We’re in Idaho?

We packed up our camp site and prepared for a stuttering trip to the parts store. To our surprise and delight, Stevie was running just fine again!  Yay!  (JB:  Don’t get your hopes up, I bet by the end of the day you will be stranded somewhere with no cell service.)  We made our way to O’riellys  and picked up a fuel filter, some tools, and more Sea Foam which Jeremy claims works like a hot damn!  Then, like Steppenwolf, we opted to “head out on the highway”  because, we are born, born to be wild (OB: Just so we are clear Jenn, you’re about as wild as a pet rabbit.)



We were motoring along the highway making great time when I exclaimed WINERY!  It won’t surprise many of you that Jeremy and I LOVE Wine.  So we pulled a quick U-turn in the road and pulled into Mission Mountain Winery.  After sampling some of their whites we  left with a couple of bottles to enjoy.


Once we had satisfied our alcohol requirements for the day, we continued out ride at a stately 55 MPH.  We’ve learned that any faster than that just isn’t as enjoyable with the windows down.  At one point, as we entered a very small town, I noticed a “Crafters Market” sign.  I was keeping my eyes peeled for a building hosting the show (OB: because we LOOOOOOVE yarn), but blinked and almost missed the 2 women on the side of the road with their one tiny table.  Alas, Stevie’s stopping distance was too great for us to attend the “event.”

Stevie did quite well on the rest of drive to Coeur d’Alene, where we are booked for two nights.  We’ve decided that our Stevie Strategy ™ is to stop often and give her time to cool off – turns out she is rather temperamental.  We wonder if this is simply what it was like driving back in 1978! 😊

When we originally planned our drive to Coeur d’Alene, Jeremy told me that we were going to be camping in Washington – so you can imagine my confusion when we made a Stevie Stop and there was a huge “Welcome to Idaho” map inside the washrooms.   I got back to the RV and asked Jer what we were doing in Idaho, and he said “What?  We’re in Idaho?”  Turns out, we are in Idaho!  Who knew?  (OB: everyone who owns a map or is capable of Googling would knowJB: way to master geography, Smart Guy!)


We’ve now reached Camp Coeur d’Alene which is quite a picturesque setting.  The campsites are snugly stacked on top of each other up the side of a mountain, the pool is refreshing, and the firewood is free!  There are some great views when hiking up the switchback trail, though I don’t recommend wearing flip flops for this trek. (OB: keep those smart choices coming, chickie!).  Once we’d settled in and walked the dogs, Jer made us delicious tacos and we dug into one of those bottles of wine.

Tomorrow we plan to give Stevie the entire day off so that we can enjoy the campground, read our books, and do some laundry.  I know, I know…. I didn’t even say that I’d be crocheting.  I am currently going through MAJOR withdrawals because my arm is having some pain when I crochet and I suspect I’ve managed to acquire a “crochet injury” and I need to rest.  Never mind the time at the gym, I may have a “yarnjury!”  (OB: pleeeeease Google it – I bet you’re dying!  Let’s look at all the worse-case scenarios and then stay up all night freaking out about it.  Cool – that’s the plan).

One thought on “Day 3 – Wait…. what? We’re in Idaho?

  1. Well, it would be a damn boring blog to read if all things went swimmingly! Each day I tune in to see what the universe has on offer for you two wonderful people. You may not remember anniversaries 4 or 11 or 35, but number 9 is etched into you both at a molecular level. Carry on!

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