Day 2 – August 1, 2018 (Our 9th Anniversary)

Our plan for the day:

  1. Drive into Whitefish mid-morning to explore the shops and enjoy the scenic town.
  2. Head into Kalispell in time to have a late lunch at a Brewery (or two).
  3. Feed my yarn habit by visiting a local yarn store.
  4. Have a yummy steak dinner at our campsite picnic table.

Our actual day:

  1. Drove to an auto mechanic to see about having Stevie looked at. They were booked at least a week out, but gave us a few numbers to try.
  2. Sat in parking lots phoning one shop after another with no luck. Friendly folks, they all gave us new places to try until we were pretty much back at the first number.  Apparently no one works on motorhome engines in that region of Montana.
  3. Drove to Auto Zone to see if they had any suggestions. Walked out with Sea Foam fuel additive – we’ll try anything once.
  4. Cooked steak dinner and sat at the picnic table for all of 2 seconds before being accosted by hornets followed by a mad dash to eat inside Stevie.

Our 9th anniversary is certainly a memorable one.   Between the dogs and I seeking out shade under a nearby tree,  Jeremy pulling Stevie apart to look at the engine, and two cop cars randomly showing up with lights flashing (not for us, thankfully!), it was really just one big parking lot after another – without even one food truck in sight.  This is officially our Parking Lot Anniversary.

Our ever-present side-kicks had quite the time of it, contributing such helpful insights as:

 OB: remember how you traded a trip to Italy for this??  Betcha’d rethink THAT decision right about now.

JB: See those cops pulling into the parking lot?  This is the kind of day you’re having.  I bet you forgot to use the turn signal or ran a stop sign.  You’re totally gonna get thrown in jail and you’ve watched all those USA jail house documentaries.  You’re fucked.  Way to abandon your wife and dogs in a broken down jalopy with no way to get home.


Jeremy decided that our best bet in “Mechanic-less Montana” was to stop at O’Reilly’s Auto Parts the next day because they had the size of fuel filter Stevie needed.  We figured we would drive to our next destination so he could work on the engine while the dogs and I might have access to shade and places to walk.

As we drifted off to sleep….

JBYah right – Jer can’t fix this thing.  We are driving back to Calgary!

OBSo we might just live in Montana now, hope they let us pay monthly for this camp site!

JBWell, Jer doesn’t have a job anyways so what the hell!

OBWe walked by a school, maybe they’re hiring…


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