The Big LISTinsky

In the couple of months since we decided to take this trip, we’ve kept a packing list on the fridge where we jot down things we think we’ll need to pack.

Old Biddy has some opinions about the list.  This is typically how it goes:

Time: 3:00am

OB: psssst….. wake up!! It’s URGENT!!!

Me: Nothing you’re thinking about at 3:00am is THAT urgent.

OB: (selectively choosing Foreigner lyrics): “It’s urgent, so urgent, so-oh-oh urgent.”

Me: (now singing along and fully awake) Fine.  What?

OB: your packing list is waaaaay too long.

Me: It’s just a list.  We can adjust it while we’re packing.

OB: why is it so long?  There ARE stores, you know.  Who do you think you are?  What kind of princess wants to bring a hairdryer?

Me: the kind of princess that has actually camped in the rain before.

OB: Stevie does not have the room for all of those things.

Me: Alright,  I’ll scratch a few things off the list tomorrow morning.

Me (the next morning): *scratches three things off the list*

OB: OHMYGAWD!!  YOU’RE GOING TO DIE WITHOUT THOSE THINGS!! How could you take THAT off the list.  There will be absolutely NOWHERE to buy that along the way. How did you ever earn two degrees? Moron.  (proceeds to list 70 items to add to the list)

Me: *flicking OB off my shoulder*

OB (menacing tone): Whatever.  See you at 3:00am.

Me: add Sleep Spray to the list.

OB (again at 3:00am): What if you don’t bring enough yarn?

Me (eyes instantly pop open): OMG!!  WHAT IF I DON’T BRING ENOUGH YARN?????

The Big Listinsky

Leave a comment to tell us what your “must haves” on your packing list for camping!

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